About Telefleet

TELEFLEET is a web-based application  giving real-time access to a wealth of information for   fleet,  vehicle, machine and field staff optimization and management .

TELEFLEET can be used as a “coaching” tool  to help achieve company objectives .visuel-carte-golocalisation

Optimized business management

  • Location of vehicles, equipment, and people
  • Journey display
  • Identification of the vehicle/driver/other driver (driving/resting/stopping) and coupled trailer 
  • Engine status (e.g.:  vehicles/site  equipment /compressors)
  • Time spent on sites
  • Geofencing (geographic boundaries)
  • Assignment transmission and monitoring of performance
  • Optimization of routes and rounds
  • Maintenance planning
  • Anti-theft features (alarm):  remote immobilization
  • Scheduling and analysis of driver’s behaviour
  • etc.

Telefleet is:

1. A web-based application:  Users can access Telefleet from any PC connected to the Internet. As well as the basic functions, other functions specific to your sector can be added. Telefleet is also open to existing programmes in your company (ERP, CRM, specific applications) to which direct links can be created. capture_application_telefleet_new
2. Telematic boxes:  Onboard hardware that sends event information and the vehicle’s GPS position to the server by GPRS, SMS, satellite, or other means. Our range includes various boxes for motorized vehicles and non-motorized units (trailers, containers, etc.). teletracer-family-150x150
3. Communications screen optional:  For communicating tasks or schedules of rounds, Garmin (or similar) GPS screens can be installed. garmin
4. High added-value partners:  Telefleet has a network of leading partners for advice, installation, and technical support.  


Telefleet, a solution developed by Market-IP:

A major player in the efficient development of information technology,Market-IP is a supplier of applications and content in the field of locatio-based services. More information on the company and the services it offers at www.Market-IP.com.


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