Drivexpert helps promote greener and more economical responsible driving.


The score that DriveXpert calculates reflects each driver’s DNA!  Analysing driving behaviour also makes it possible to decrease vehicle operating overhead, reduce the risks of accidents, and give your company a greener profile through a direct view of its CO2emissions.

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For whom is Drivexpert designed

  • Fleet managers and HRMs
  • Insurance companies
  • Leasing companies, etc.

Advantages of using Drivexpert  

Economy & ecology:  Rationalizing costs and reducing environmental impacts

  • Lowering fuel consumption
  • Reducing wear on tyres
  • Minimizing servicing and repairs stemming from irrational use of vehicles, accidents, etc.
  • Optimizing insurance premiums
  • Abating CO2 emissions


Safety:  Saving lives & cutting costs

  • Reducing the risk of accidents
  • Encouraging drivers to change their behaviour behind the wheel for more responsible driving
  • Profiling drivers based on objective data and measurements


Image:  Projecting a more respectful corporate image

  • Shrinking the carbon footprint
  • Forging relations of trust with other users and clients
  • Respecting privacy:  No tracking of vehicles’ positions 

Drivexpert is available

  • In SaaS (Soft as a Service) mode
  • As a secure stand-alone over the web, with an import/export function
  • Connected as a customizable module according to the application
  • Combined with Telefleet, the Real Time Tracking & Tracing Solution
  • Combined with Geoplanning, a planning tool with route optimization intelligence



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