Rental, leasing, and fleet management

Opt for an operational vision of your fleet via geolocation

In order to maintain the quality of your rental services, it is essential to have an operational view of your vehicles fleet and assets. If you want to have standard information, such as engine hours or trip times, Telefleet can provide these along with functions enabling you to consult the information by incident in the event of theft, accident, speeding, etc. Discover how you can benefit

 Functional features associated with rental, leasing, and fleet management

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Light tracking (2-3x/day)inclusinclusinclusinclusinclusinclusinclusinclusinclus
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Start/Stop/Movement detection.inclus optionneloptionnelinclusinclusinclusinclusoptionnel
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 Telefleet enables the rental sector to conduct research individually or by group of vehicles or assets in the event of an incident:  


  • Accident or abnormal event
  • Unsatisfactory behaviour
  • Rental period exceeded
  • Use in an unauthorised area
  • Anti-start locking of the vehicle in the event of non-payment
  • Theft alarm
  • Conditions of use:  when, how much
  • Etc. 


The Telefleet package linked to our range of boxes is suitable for:

  • Light vehicles:  cars, vans, motor cycles, etc.    
  • Specific assets:  for example mobile bank ATMs, construction site huts, etc.      
  • HGVs         
  • Miscellaneous machines
  • Ships
  • Trailers
  • Containers
  • Mobile homes   





  1. Overall view: gives you an operational overview of your rental fleet individually or by category.

  2. Evidential tool: easier and quicker dispute resolution, which can result in cost savings through simplification of administration.

  3. Accuracy tool:  invoice actual amounts (engine hours, trip hours, rental hours, delays etc.). 

  4. Means of differentiation:  move a step ahead of your competitors by installing a management tool within your company. And also improve the quality of your services via a professional tool made available to hirers (theft alarm, ignition locking, etc.).

  5. Rapid reaction:  configure alarms to increase your speed of reaction in the event of an incident


flecheTelefleet is the ideal geomanagement package for your business.Contact-us for a service proposal tailored to your precise requirements.

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