Various types of report are available:

Detailed report
  • position history
Vehicle activity
  • activité journalière daily activity (of each vehicle)
  • daily activity (of one vehicle)
  • detailed activity
  • driving report
  • odometer report
  • private/business activity
  • business use of vehicles
  • movements log
  • vehicle/driver association report
  • input activity report
Driver activity
  • daily activity
  • detailed activity
  • vehicle/driver association report
  • services report
Visit report
  • rapport de visit report by unit
  • visit report by POI
  • km allocation report
Alarms report 
Events report

The following tools are offered in association with these reports:
  • generation of new reports
  • adding of reports to favourites
  • planning of reports
  • consultation of report history

The reports are available in the following formats:`
  • PDF
  • Excel



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