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Increase the visibility of your nomad teams' work

Your sales force is constantly covering the ground with the task of visiting a certain number of points of sale. You know their daily schedule but you would like to know in real time how far they have progressed on their rounds, the time spent with a customer, and perhaps see thevisit report and any orders, etc. Telefleet offers a wide range of functions to enable you to monitor your sales team in real time. Discover the benefits of using Telefleet.

 Functional features specific to mobile sales forces

 Light vehiclesDelivery/sales vans
Theft alarminclusinclus
Real-time trackinginclusinclus
Driver behaviouroptionneloptionnel
Engine hours/trip timesinclusinclus
Vehicle immobilizationoptionneloptionnel
Management planninginclusinclus
Fuel consumptionoptionneloptionnel
CRM integrationoptionneloptionnel
Movement detection - start/stopinclusinclus
Business application interfaceoptionneloptionnel
Two-way communicationinclusinclus
inclus included      optionnel optional

Telefleet meets your need to monitor your salesmen in “controlled independence” mode within the framework of a managed schedule:

  • Driving behaviour
  • Management of visit schedules
  • Optimization of distance travelled   
  • GeoFencing
  • Integration of certain data in the CRM, ERP, etc.  
  • Fuel consumption
  • Possibility of consulting data on the road (stock, prices, etc.)
  • On-board screen for communications (free text, job assignment) + navigation + optional traffic information 

The Telefleet package linked to our range of boxes is suitable for:

  • Light vehicles (cars)
  • Delivery/sales vans 





  1. Continuous monitoring of your vehicle fleet and the activities of your field sales force 

  2. Cost optimization:
    • reduction in fuel consumption (through the analysis of driving behaviour and  optimization of sales round planning)
    • planning of maintenance and anticipation of breakdowns
    • reduction in accident risks through the analysis of driving behaviour
    • revised insurance premiums

  3. Instantaneous communication:  Communication of orders, consultation of stock in real time, which improves the quality of information given to the customer.

  4. Revised schedule or task assignment possible by sending a message on the on-board screen.  


fleche Telefleet is the ideal geomanagement package for your business.Contact us for a service proposal tailored to your precise requirements.

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