Telefleet, a geolocation solution developed by Actia Telematics Services

Actia Telematics Services, a creator of mobile intelligence for businesses.

Our business is to develop mapping engine, planning, geolocation technology, and driver behaviour analysis for optimal management of corporate assets and staff on the move.


We develop mapping and geolocation technologies
We help our customers to optimize their performance and competitive advantages
We build open, customizable, and interoperable solutions with applications specific to business sectors


Excellence in our core business
Openness to creativity
Confidence as the driving force behind long-term partnerships
Pro-activeness, clarity, and simplicity

Range of solutions

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Actia Telematics Srevices (A.T.S.)
Chaussée de Marche 774
5100 Naninne
Telephone +32 (0) 81 33 11 11
Fax +32 (0) 81 33 11 10

Company No.: BE 0473 953 282


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