Company specialized in earthworks and machinery rental protects its vehicles from theft

Initial requirements and challenge:

  • Fleet security, protection from theft
  • More accurate re-billing and monitoring of the actual hours of hire
  • Better view of the fleet
  • Management of maintenance and servicing optimized in order to guarantee the level of service and increase the lifetime of the machines

Solution implemented:

Teletracer telematic boxes installed in the whole fleet in order to enable the staff responsible for managing the equipment hire to optimize it. 

Benefits following Telefleet's implementation:

  • More spontaneous hire of certain types of machine, to certain individuals/companies 
  • Alert in the event of delayed return of hired equipment 
  • Reduction in abuses
  • Increase in the quality of the services offered to customers
  • Reduction in insurance premiums


More:  http://hfterrassement.be

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