Tracer TL & Tracer TL B

A compact size device for Fleet Management and Vehicle Security Applications 

Tracer TL: Track&Trace applications

It targets large fleets, insurance and leasing companies.
The Tracer TL is competitively priced for large-scale deployments, its premium features can be added and enabled over the air utilizing web-based maintenance server with feature programmable I/O.
includes the following components:
  • GSM / GPRS quad band modem with internal antenna
  • Tracer TL support for USIM applications for advanced cellular networks (such as LTE)
  • SiRFstarIV GPS receiver with internal antenna
  • Memory supporting 5000 logged events
  • Motion sensor
  • Ignition input
  • 1-wired port (Dallas) for Driver-ID
  • Two General Purpose Digital Inputs (Discrete dry only)
  • Two digital outputs (open collector)
  • TTL serial port 
  • 10-pin main connector

Tracer TL B: Track&Trace + security applications

The Tracer TL B includes all the features of the Tracer TL. In addition, it comes equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery for improved compliance with vehicle security applications, and supports average hibernation. (is assumed to be connected to the vehicle battery at all times.)

Backup battery for Tracer TL B  which supports at least 250 messages from a fully charged battery in a Tx Rate of 1/Min @ room temperature

The TracerTL family is compatible with a variety of accessories; which enable applications such as fuel monitoring, temperature monitoring and more.

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