VLM and Mestbank approved AGR-GPS slurry and manure geolocation

Telefleet offers you a specific traceability solution that complies with the Flemish Government and Mestbank’s legal requirements and C slurry and manure transport.

Installation of Telefleet telematic box:

  • On-board monitor
  • GPS box fitted to the lorry or tractor
  • Identification system on the trailer

How the AGR-GPS geolocation solution works:

The tractor-trailer coupling link is established automatically. Once the solution is installed, details of all slurry/manure transport journeys are uploaded in real time to the Flemish Environment Ministry (VLM) and to Mestbank. Apart from journeys, phase changes are also notified, with the MAD number, start of round, loading, unloading and end of round.

Benefits of slurry/manure traceability with Telefleet:

Our integrator partners guarantee communications for a monthly flat rate, i.e., an all-in package:

  • Reliable solution: an external satellite aerial is installed to ensure optimum signal reception
  • Telephone back-up if problems occur
  • Security: Telefleet servers are housed in a secure environment (data centre), so round-the-clock availability of data is guaranteed. In addition, the https certificate is your assurance that all data sent from and to the platform are encrypted.
  • Vehicle security: a vehicle fitted with the system can be located at any time if it is stolen. Depending on the initial installation selected, the vehicle can also be remotely immobilised.


flecheTelefleet is the ideal AGR-GPS geolocation solution to meet VLM requirements. Contact us for a proposal tailored to your particular requirements.


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