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Actia Telematics Solutions’s goal is to help enterprises manage the mobility of people, mobile assets, and goods with optimal efficiency by means of geographic optimization software solutions:

  • Digital mapping via Geoservices
  • Geographic planning via Geoplanning
  • Geolocation via Telefleet
  • Driving behaviour analysis via Drivexpert


Geoservices - Mapping service

MAPPING programme combined with development tools allowing geographic functions to be added to applications.

Functional features:

  • Standardization of addresses
  • Geocoding
  • Reverse geocoding
  • Route calculation
  • Dynamic map rendering


Geoplanning - Geographic planning

Geographic PLANNING tool allowing optimization of rounds and field staff organization.

Functional features:

  • Manual assignment of jobs
  • Organization of rounds
  • Optimization of assignments
  • Determination of targets (working hours, number of jobs to be completed, others, KPIs etc.)

Learn more about Geoplanning, our geographic planning tool


Telefleet - TRACK & TRACING platform


Modular TRACK TRACINGplatform, “telematics operator” enabling the creation of telematic services, with a focus on security and the management of vehicle fleets and mobile personnel.

Functional features:

  • Location finding
  • Communications
  • Activity analysis
  • Security
  • Intervention


Drivexpert - Drive behaviour

A tool for analysing and qualifying HABITS and BEHAVIOURbehind the wheel to promote environmentally friendly driving.

Key benefits of Drivexpert:

  • Greener and more economical responsible driving:  rationalizing costs and reducing environmental impact
  • Safety:  saving lives and reducing risks of accidents
  • Image:  projecting a responsible image whilst reducing one’s environmental footprint

Learn more about Drivexpert, our driver behaviour solution



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